By By Katie Fowle · October 24, 2021

Does my child have dyslexia?

Many parents I’ve talked to say they’ve brought up their child’s reading and spelling concerns to their child’s teacher, and their child’s teacher said to give it time.

But giving it time will only make it worse.

Frequently, the underlying causes of dyslexia can be immediately supported with direct and explicit instruction, and getting your child this kind of instructional support is critical to their future academic success and well-being.

In this video I share with you the 10 tips to help you recognize the signs of dyslexia in your child’s reading and/or spelling.

10 Signs of Dyslexia

My 10 signs of dyslexia

In reading, my child….

1. Consistently, substitutes similar-looking words. For example, my child reads spot for stop.

2. Frequently, leaves out sounds/letters. For example my child reads bet for best

3. Guesses instead of sounding out an unknown word

4. Skips words or lines

5. Avoids reading or is exhausted by it

In spelling, my child….

6. Confuses the order of letters.

7. Omits letters

8. Adds letters

9. Spells it as it sounds

10. Can’t read back his/her writing

Many teachers care but don’t have the knowledge about dyslexia to support your child.

If you are concerned, look for these signs in your child’s reading and spelling and remember the most important action, is taking steps now to support your child.

Waiting only makes it worse for your child and their overall well-being in school.

Ways to help your child:

Download my 5 Tips to Help your Child Read and Re-Build Confidence a free parent guide packed with resources and ideas to support your child at home.

Communicate your concerns to your child’s teacher.

Schedule a free 15-minute call with me to discuss your child’s needs.