Reading Assessment

$289 Thanks to this assessment, you will know if your child’s reading is on track or needs additional support. Plus, you get online resources to support your child’s reading no matter where you move next.

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Are you moving again and are concerned that your child isn’t reading at grade level? Or maybe you notice he/she continues to stumble over words, and you worry there might be something wrong?

From the Reading Assessment, you will know if your child is reading on grade level and what you can do to support your child if they are not.

  • 2 x 50-minute sessions where I assess your child’s reading skills, including phonological awareness, letter/sound knowledge, fluency, comprehension, and spelling
  • A 20-minute parent debrief to share your child’s results compared to their peers in US-based schools.
  • Recommend online resources and activities you can use to support your child’s reading development

Frequently Asked Questions

International schools have different teaching methods and therefore have different ways of accessing your child’s reading development. The Reading Access Assessment targets vital areas that impact your child’s reading development, so you will know if your child’s reading is on track and, if not, what specific areas need support

With these results, you will know if your child is reading at grade level compared to peers in US-based schools or if your child needs more reading support. Additionally, you will get the online resources and recommendations to continue to support your child’s reading.

I will assess critical pillars to your child’s reading development as established by the National Reading Panel.

  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling