Reading Success Program

12 Week Program Find relief knowing your child is getting the highly qualified, foundational reading instruction they need to become a fluent reader and regain confidence in school. Purchase the 12-week program monthly for $520 or the best value in full for $1320.

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Do you have a child who is intelligent, creative, has a great oral vocabulary but is having difficulty reading? Is this affecting their confidence in school and their mood at home? Does the constant fighting over nightly reading wear on your patience, and you’re starting to worry that there may be something wrong?

Getting your child qualified reading support now is essential. Waiting, or thinking your child will grow out of it, will only hurt your child’s confidence and academic performance down the road, especially as you keep moving countries.

Plus, you know, you can’t only rely on international schools to support your child. Teachers are busy, and schedules frequently get interrupted, especially during these times.

Get your child the qualified support they need now, so your child doesn’t fall behind, as you keep moving countries.

The Reading Success 12-Week Program includes the following:

  • Diagnostic assessment of your child’s reading skills including phonological awareness, letter/sound knowledge, fluency, comprehension, and spelling
  • Creation of a 12 week personalized learning plan to fill gaps in your child’s reading skills using the Orton Gillingham explicit, structured, and multisensory approach
  • Delivery of 24 x 50-minute personalized lessons that will be engaging, fun and build your child’s reading & spelling skills and confidence
  • Weekly email communication to share your child’s reading progress and next steps
  • Nightly reading resources that will help your child develop fluency and confidence
  • App recommendations to support your child’s reading development

Thanks to these 12 weeks, your child will go to school with their head held high, and your evenings will be spent cuddled in bed, listening to your child read!

Frequently Asked Questions

Children who struggle in reading often need more explicit instruction on how sounds and letters go together to read words. These foundational skills help your child become a more fluent reader. Waiting makes reading harder for your child. Getting support now ensures your child has the foundational skills they need before your next move. More importantly, your child will regain their confidence in school which has a lifelong impact on their self-esteem.

I take extra care to tailor my instruction to your child’s individual needs, interests, and mood. As a result, children often prefer their sessions with me to their school classes. That’s the benefit of being a highly qualified and experienced classroom teacher; I not only understand reading development but how to encourage, motivate and engage with each child.

Waiting till the next school prevents your child from making progress at a critical time in their reading development. Waiting further puts your child behind, as it often takes next year’s teacher months to assess and get to know their students. Give your child the advantage they need, so they regain confidence and develop their reading skills before your next move.

International schools often have interrupted schedules and varying degrees of knowledgeable staff. Ensure your child gets the highly qualified, consistent, and caring support they need now, so they don’t fall further behind, especially as you keep moving countries.