Katie has a gift! She supported our son’s reading through private tutoring sessions. Ethan was in elementary school at the time and just diagnosed with ADHD. Katie’s calm and gentle encouragement provided him with the confidence to succeed in school.

- Tonya, grade 3 parent in Jakarta, Indonesia

Working with Ms. Katie, my son’s attitude about reading changed completely. He couldn’t wait to meet with her each week, and his confidence and reading fluency improved incredibly quickly. His teachers noticed a substantial difference in his schoolwork, and most importantly, his self-esteem related to academics improved, making school, in general, a more positive experience for him.

- Erin, Grade 2 parent in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Katie has been a lifesaver and Godsend to our family during these unprecedented times. Katie taught our children reading, writing, math, behavioral development, and so much more! Katie provided consistency and familiarity during ever-changing times. We truly would not be where we are without her!”

- Joi, kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 3 parent in Georgetown, Guyana

Our daughter said tonight at dinner that you “get her.” And she happily did her session with you yesterday even though it was a day off from school – normally any tutoring on a non-school day is the source of much angst! So she is definitely enjoying the sessions.

- Marisa – grade 6 parent in Ontario, Canada

Ms. Katie has been working with our daughter for several months now. Previously, our daughter would just guess at words and now she is developing the skills essential to furthering her learning! We have seen such an incredible change in her reading and her confidence.

- Erin, Grade 2 parent in Lima, Peru

Mrs. Katie makes me feel happy and I can be myself.

- Joaquin, grade 3 student

Mrs. Katie makes me feel good about reading.

- Eden, grade 1 student

Mrs. Katie is very, very nice and very smart and helped me read better than I used to.

- Matias, grade 2 student

I used to think I can’t read at all. Now I think ‘Yes, I can!’

- Eleanor, grade 3 student

I am more grateful than I can say for your wonderful class. It has made a world of difference for my son (and me). It gives him a joyful reason to wake up in the morning, and that is incredible.

- Heather, grade 5 parent in Washington DC, USA

My daughter has loved the class and has been very happy. You’re a great teacher. She has had some self-esteem issues this year and I’m so pleased to hear her say some positive things about herself!

- Allison, grade 1 parent in Pristina, Kosovo

I am incredibly grateful for your instruction. Our boys have loved it, and would much rather participate in it than in their actual class lessons/interactions.

- Rochelle, grade 2 and 4 parent in Washington, DC USA

Katie does an amazing job of creating a safe, supportive, collaborative learning environment that boosts confidence, creativity, and independence for my child.

- Anna grade 3 parent

Katie’s presentation was engaging, thoughtful, and helped parents realize the importance of everyday learning and development beyond the classroom. With her guidance, parents learned how to be intentional in helping their kids develop lifelong learning skills.

- Daniela Draugelis, Families In Global Transition-DC

Katie does an amazing job of creating a safe, supportive, collaborative learning environment that boosts confidence, creativity and independence for my child.

- Anna, grade 3 parent in Washington DC, USA

Your professional knowledge, powerful personal stories, genuine warmth, and enthusiastic sense of curiosity were inspiring and affirming. Your training design set an insightful and supportive tone from the first minute to the entire final moments.

- Eric, Program Manager, US State Department Center of Foreign Affairs Resilience