By By Katie Fowle · November 17, 2021

5 signs of dyslexia in children aged 11 – 12

Maybe your child, aged 11 -12, avoids reading, hates to write, and struggles academically. In the past, you may have even wondered if these were dyslexia signs but felt reassured when your child’s teacher said to give it time.

But now, your child refuses to go to school, has low self-confidence, and maybe even anxiety. And you worry about their academic future and wellbeing.

I know this situation because I have been there!

And now is the time to “mama bear it” and figure out if your child has dyslexia. The sooner you can detect dyslexia, the better for your child’s academic success and wellbeing.

Here are 5 signs to pay attention to in older children aged 11 – 12.

Dyslexia signs in children aged 11 -12

>Avoids reading and has difficulty sustaining reading for longer passages

Difficulty comprehending what they’ve read and sounding out unfamiliar words

Difficulty spelling and limited writing production

Prefers text to voice and voice to text and has independently figured out how to use it

Can’t understand why school is so difficult for them and easy for their peers

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