By By Katie Fowle · June 11, 2021

Boost your child’s confidence with this summer routine

When your child struggles with reading, it often impacts their confidence, relationships, and wellbeing. As a parent, this is super hard to watch. Cries like, “I’m stupid, everyone is smarter than me, I don’t have any friends” burn a hole in our parenting hearts.

Thankfully, the school holiday is a perfect time to boost your child’s confidence. Psychology Today defines confidence as “having a belief in oneself.” Participating in activities your child feels good at, exploring, creating, connecting with family & friends, or even learning a new hobby help to boost your child’s confidence. My daughter’s candle-making hobby this summer is doing just that!

At the same time, I know my daughter needs to practice her reading skills. If we don’t create a routine this summer, I’m sure she’ll avoid it.

So how do we do this?

One way is to keep the nightly reading routine. I know this can be challenging, especially during the summer months, with travel, late nights, and family visits. But keeping this routine will not only help your relationships but will boost your child’s vocabulary, comprehension and create a positive bank of memories around something challenging.

For my daughter, our routine works best if I read to her, so we’ve picked up a classic Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. One of my other parents is reading the Harry Potter series to her daughter while in quarantine. I’d love to hear what books you might pick up read this summer with your child!

And if between the summer fun, you would like support with your child’s reading and spelling skills, please reach out to me at [email protected] to schedule your Free 15-minute call.

As one of my student’s said:

“Mrs. Katie is very, very nice and very smart and helped me read better than I used to.”