By By Katie Fowle · April 16, 2021

What do you do when your child’s teacher is unfair to your child?

One of the most important relationships your child has at school is with their teacher. Think back to your school experience. Who was the teacher that made a difference in your life?

Mine was Ms. Brabazon, my third-grade teacher. She made me feel smart, valued, and like I belonged, even though I had just moved schools and had difficulty reading.

Teacher-student relationships are critical to your child’s success in school.

Cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang’s research has found “Effective teachers, not only have subject matter expertise but understand and engage with a child’s interests, curiosities, strengthens and weakness.”

But what do you do when your child’s teacher is unfair to your child?

Watch to find out my top 3 suggestions:

My top 3 suggestions for improving your child’s teacher relationship:

Collaborate – Teachers are often stressed and overworked. Collaborate with your child’s teacher to share strategies that work at home.

For example, email your child’s teacher to share; my child has difficulty staying focused; a strategy we use at home is to create a visual checklist.

Communicate – Teachers might not know how your child may be feeling at school. Communicate with your child’s teacher so they know what your child is saying and feeling at home.

For example, during our nightly reading time, my child has difficulty reading and says they feel like the dumbest kid in class.

Commit – Teachers are professions, but we know our children best. So if you feel your child isn’t getting the support they need, and you’ve already addressed it with the teacher, then commit to taking it to the next level with the principal.

For example, request a meeting with the principal. Explain my child experienced X. We discussed X with the teacher. My child continues to experience X. How will the school support my child, as X affects her learning and wellbeing?

I hope these suggestions help your child get the teacher relationship they need to succeed and feel confident in school.

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